Letter to Roman Ingarden written 11.05.1963

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SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS PWN         v           v           v  Warsaw, May 11, 1963
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Prof. Roman Ingarden, PhD
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Biskupia St. 14 apt. 12

Honorable Professor,

   v        Please find attached herewith a biographical note about Professor with a polite request for its approval. The note is intended for the Small Encyclopedia of Poland, which will be published in foreign languages ​​/English, French, Russian and German/ for readers abroad.
   v        We kindly ask you to make the necessary corrections if the information provided by us is not accurate enough. The note has several lines due to the fact that the Encyclopedia, which is to contain information on a wide range of Polish issues , will only be a single-volume publication, therefore the entries have to be kept very short.
   v        If you are a member of international organizations or foreign societies, please provide 1-2 institutions you consider the most important. Please provide the names of the institutions according to their official spelling. If their names are available in multiple foreign languages, please provide them, as it will facilitate the work of the translators.
   v        We will be very grateful if Professor could reply as soon as possible.

Thank you very much in advance

Head of the Publishing Office

/Janina Stobniak/