Letter to Konstanty Michalski written 02.06.1947

Krakow, 6/2/1947

Great Honorable Father Rector,
  n         At the last administrative meeting of the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the Polish Academy of Learning, I have learned from the speech of Mr. Secretary, prof. Dąbrowski that with regards to the issue of granting the award for scientific publications in the years 45-46 my name was included in the considerations, moreover with the stipulation that it is out of the question because of the fact that the publication of my last book took place in the year 1947. Yesterday I was told by prof. Heinrich that he had proposed the candidacy of prof. Szuman for the aforementioned award. Given this situation, I do not intend on attending today’s Faculty meeting, as to prevent myself from entering into an awkward situation and, at the same time, since Father Rector will be the only philosopher present at the meeting, I would like to ask, both since my candidacy cannot be considered for formal reasons and because of the friendly relations between me and prof. Szuman, for your Honorable Person to graciously exclude my person in advance from all considerations related to the aforementioned award.


My deepest respects