Letter to Karol Wojtyła written 01.04.1964

Date of creation 1.04.1964
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Roman Ingarden
Cracow, Biskupia 14.                                                         Cracow 1 April 1964



             n       I was extremely moved by your letter, which I received today, and I thank you most sincerely for the kind words and wishes addressed to me. They constitute precious evidence for me that my efforts to make my academic work useful for something in Poland have evidently not been fruitless and have met with recognition which, moreover, significantly exceeds their actual role.
   n       I must confess that recently, i.e. since the nomination of Your Excellency for the position of the Metropolitan of Cracow, I’ve thought many times about writing a few words of congratulations, with best wishes for successful administration of the archbishopric. I didn’t do so because it seemed to me that I was too insignificant a person to be permitted to turn to Your Excellency with such wishes. In view of Your Excellency’s gracious letter, I presume here to admit my intentions and implement them, offering my fervent wishes for fruitful administration and personal success in this currently so difficult and responsible position.
   n       As for the question of our former academic relations, however fleeting, I remember them fondly, and would like to indicate that if Your Excellency wishes at any time to discuss with me any academic (philosophical) matters in which Your Excellency deems Yourself insufficiently prepared, I am always ready to come at Your Excellency’s request and talk about the issues in which Your Excellency is interested.
   n       In closing, I cordially thank Your Excellency once again for your letter and wishes, and enclose expressions of profound and genuine esteem and respect

(Roman Ingarden)