Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 14.10.1954

Toruń, 14 October 1954

            Dear Roman!

            I’m sending you the attached project description and asking you for your opinion. The idea is Ajdukiewicz’s; I agreed to carry it out. This is the first attempt at this type of work in our area and may be an interesting experiment.

            I’m going to Cracow in order to get better acquainted with the papers on the logic of the Renaissance that are being written there by several individuals, with Ziemski at their head. I even have a delegation from the Polish Academy of Science now for this purpose, but the dates for the trip still depend on whether and when the planned meeting at Dania’s will take place. Making use of your gracious invitation, I’ll ask you for hospitality once I have a fixed date.

            The plans of the Logic Section over which we racked our brains in Warsaw last month were adopted by the Philosophical Committee at last week’s meeting. They consist of a thick elaboration, which I’ll bring to you to glance at, if you’re interested.

                                                           Best greetings to both of you,