Letter from Józef Tischner written 18.08.1969

Vienna 18/8/1969.


Honoured Professor!

I ultimately decided to ask for a visa for the 4th International Colloquium of Phenomenologists, and in fact I’m on my way to the embassy. I expect I’ll see you there. Regardless, however, of whether you ultimately go to the colloquium or not, please let me know about it. Then I’ll consider the matter once again.
   n       I cordially thank you for your letter from Poronin and for all the news it contained, especially concerning publishing plans. With me lately, work has stagnated. In Vienna the heat was impossible; moreover, I was constantly haunted by friends and acquaintances travelling around the world. Neither was conducive to concentration. Now it’s cooler, and, well, the friends have disappeared somewhere.
   n       I plan to return to Cracow at the end of September. I don’t think that’ll change – if it does, by two weeks at most – but I’d like to start my classes normally.

I enclose expressions of the most profound respect and many cordial regards

Fr Józef Tischner


Address (same as before):
1020 Wien
Ausstellungstraße 47/18