Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 13.03.1968


March 13, 1968

Dear Professor Ingarden:

  c       I take pleasure in inviting you to contribute a research paper to a new study of Husserl’s thought in its total compass, which is planned as a joint effort of a number of Husserl scholars.

  c       Each of the participants will undertake to study a topic of his special interest, yet in relation to the central issue:


   c       The guiding idea of this undertaking in common would be that now, when we have at long last the complete framework of Husserl’s thought in front of us, we may aim

  1. at the assesment of the original contribution of Husserl to the problems of the constitution of the body, so long overshadowed by the philosphies of Merlau-Ponty and Sartre.
  2. Focusing upon this issue, which the most recent Husserl research shows as bringing together the total reflection of Husserl, we may aim at coming to grips with the great and still unsolved difficulties of Husserl’s thoutht: the a priori, the absolutness of consciousness, the intentionality and the transcendentalism in the light of the complete framework.
  3. Finally, we would hope to „uncover” the INTEGRAL Husserl in the continuity of his reflections and free form the biases of the hitherto prevalent interpretations, each of them overemphasizing only one stage of his development to the neglect of the others.

  c       In this perspective, relevant comparison between treatments of the mentioned issues by Husserl and Merlau-Ponty nad Sartre are also welcome.

  c       About some 25 contributions are expected which will be published in one volume.

  c       I hope your current research will suggest to you a topic of suitable contribution and we will be happy to count you among our collaborators.

  c       Please let me know your plans or suggestions by April 15, 1968.

  c       With best regards,

Sincerely yours,


Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
4900 Western Avenue
Washington, D. C. 20016
U. S. A.

This is the “official” document – my personal letter has already been sent yesterday. Cordially – Teresa

PS. This i salso supposed to be a radical “recovery” of Ingarden.