Letter from Kazimierz Twardowski written 03.06.1937

Date of creation 3.06.1937
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Lviv, 3 June 1937.

                       Honoured Colleague!

            ‘The Book’ bookstore has informed the Society that it has submitted to the latter’s account at P.K.O. a sum of 449 zlotys and 40 groszy, representing the income from the sale of the Society’s publications from 31 December 1936 to 1 April 1937. According to the calculation sent at the same time, this amount also includes a sum of 96 groszy belonging to Dr Blaustein[O1] , obtained from the sale of one copy of his offprint from the Commemorative Book (1 zloty 50 groszy minus 54 grosze). Therefore please enter the sum of 448 zlotys and 44 groszy as income of the Society, and pay the sum of 96 groszy to Dr Blaustein.

            I enclose expressions of genuine esteem and cordial greetings

                                                                                                               K. Twardowski



[O1]Leopold Blaustein (1905‒42? 44?)