Letter from Irena Krońska written in 05.10.1947

Sceaux, 10/5/1947

Dear and Honorable Professor!

x         I did not reply to your last letter, because I have been a little sick lately. The illness also prevented me from going to the film congress more than twice. I was at the inaugural meetings on the first day – the psychologist prof. Wallon was the only interesting one – and on the second day at the meeting of the group of philosophy and general aesthetics, i.e. where Professor’s paper would be. Bayer and prof. Gonseth from Zurich were the ones leading the meeting. They regretted the fact that Professor was not there, they asked me about your work, and then one of the participants of the group asked about the translation of the Professor’s work in literary theory – it is the person on whom depends the allocation of paper for this type of publication, they offer their help for Presses Univ. or another publisher who would like to publish those. I was unable to give him any specifics – I just told him a little about Professor’s ideas in this field. – Bayer was polite, as always – I asked him about the fate of the article on the truthfulness, he began to talk a lot that yes, perfect, that he would still get in touch, etc. – I think it is just that Revue d’Esthétique has not yet come out so the article could not be published yet.
x         Back to the congress, I do not think it was a serious event – maybe the experts had some interesting comments at their meetings, I would not know – but what I heard on philosophical topics was empty and sad. Gonseth proposed that the philosophy stand with modesty in the face of the film phenomenon, expecting its renewal, especially in the field of ethics – Bayer XXX these and other suggestions XXX in an eclectic-aesthetic banter. – I did not hear Professor’s paper, because when the new revue issue was about to be given, I was already sick and only went down for a moment to apologize to Bayer that I would not be able to come again. – I wonder what Professor thinks about film – I personally have a negative attitude, and each new film is a new disappointment for me, I doubt whether it is art at all and whether it can be approached as art. Professor Wallon spoke on how you could learn more about film by asking why some people do not like it or recognize it – maybe it could be somewhat fertile – but I really do not know, I never thought about it in a coherent way.
x         I am already well, and I think that it will do without the surgery that the doctor was talking about (a respiratory tract matter) – it would not be a serious procedure, but I would always prefer to avoid it.
x         I am still overwhelmed by my professional work, I do not have time to work on the thesis, but I always read a lot so as to at least not lose contact with XXX things. This month I will also try to write the article on the Professor I had promised for Critique – it turns out that in the National Library has  ‘On Cognition’ and ‘Kunstwerk’ – they were in the catalog supplement, which I have only now looked in. – Have the sketches in literary theory come out yet?
x         We met Wędkiewicz and Rysiewicz, who works with us at the local PAAS station. Wędkiewicz offers I write a bulletin which he intends to publish – we will see, namely I am not sure about the time, as we both have our job responsibilities, and quite many – it is quite pricey in Paris, and it is extremely difficult to cope, especially since last year’s ascetic regime was unsustainable, we would not be able to bear it physically. My husband also writes to the country, helping his mother who is in a difficult situation in Warsaw.
x         A few days ago, we talked for a long while with prof. Potočka, who was here for a few days, on Unesco’s invitation. Very wise and educated, I was glad to have met him, and we spent XXX hours at XXX – a bit unreal, but very real aesthetically
x         The philosophical season has not yet begun in Paris. Koyré and Wahl are in the States. Sartre has released the film XXX “Les jeux sont farts” – it takes place in this and that world, the thesis: we are completely free, but once we make a choice and get involved, we will stick to it with all the fatalism possible, despite the real possibility of acting differently and being aware of the fatal consequences of our decision. The movie will probably be bad. Kaffka’s “Trial” is in the XXX theater – we are going to see it, the cast is great, it is in Gide’s adaptation.
x         Apparently Ms. Mahlbergowa was here recently – but I did not see her, I only found out after she left.
At the film congress I met Choynowski, who represented Poland there.
x         I shall finish here and will be awaiting further news,

My deepest respect and devotion
and warm greetings from my husband

      x               x         Irena Krońska