Letter from Stefan Żółkiewski written in 04.06.1966

Prof. Dr STEFAN ŻÓŁKIEWSKI               c                        c                       c Warsaw, 4/6/1966


     c       Most Honoured Professor!

     c I thank you very, very cordially for such a courteous, comprehensive, and quick response. I believe that with this information, I’ll manage. I’ll simply provide German equivalents in brackets.
     c My article doesn’t actually concern the structure of a work, but the rules of structural analysis generally, especially the problem of the relationship of meaning and expression. This is only a very limited attempt to order concepts relative to one another: structure – system – model.
     c I cordially sympathise with you concerning your illness. Of course, when you appear, we’ll arrange matters concerning the trip.
     c There continue to be stupid misunderstandings concerning stays in the Federal Republic of Germany [West Germany]. One of my young students taught aesthetics there for nearly six months, because the history of twentieth-century dramatic art aroused the great joy of all official factors. And nobody ever knows what will bring joy and what will provoke a ban.

I enclose expressions of profound respect and wishes for a swift return to health

S Żółkiewski