Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 12.03.1937

EDITORIAL BOARD,                                                          Warsaw, 12/3/1937
PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW                                                     MARSZAŁKOWSKA 25, TEL. 710-00


Dear Honoured Colleague,

 Thank you most kindly for your letter and for your offer of two Cartesian dissertations. Please send them. I’ve had six papers submitted, but haven’t yet figured out the places they’re going to occupy. Perhaps, then, the Lviv dissertations will also fit, especially if they don’t arrive too late.
 Thank you also for the information about the second volume of Studia [Philosophica]. Previously, I’d had a letter from Twardowski, who wrote that it couldn’t be determined, even approximately, when my dissertation would go to press, and at the same time he advised me that the Committee didn’t agree to its being printed previously in Polish. This letter saddened me greatly, but yours brought me consolation again, for which I cordially thank you

            and I enclose a handshake