Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 10.04.1966

Warsaw 10/4/66

Dear Roman. I want to thank you for participating in my birthday celebration and for the beautiful speech. But he who gives much is then asked to give even more: I’d very much like to have the text of your speech. I’d like it to remain among my family’s souvenirs. So if you can, send it, even a shortened version.
Thank you in advance. ‒
             Formerly, I always said that I wasn’t meant for jubilee celebrations. But when it came down to it, it was a great pleasure. To tell the truth, it’s a public disgrace that I’m so old, but apart from that, it was an occasion to feel the kindness of loved ones, as well as of some former students from afar, whose memories astonished and moved me.
             Thank you also for the letter and Easter wishes. Too bad that the trip to Sarajevo fell through, because it might have been a pleasant trip, and pleasure is something it’s better not to postpone. However, I’m not surprised that you aren’t going for the 250th anniversary of Leibniz’s death ‒ I wouldn’t go either.
n               I have a lecture in Paris this Saturday and an airline ticket for the morning of the 13th. It’s unpleasant for me because that’s the day the issue of Ms Iza’s habilitation comes up at the Council of the Institute; but I don’t think the voting will take place until the following meeting. – Have you submitted your application yet to the 1st Division of the Polish Academy of Learning concerning the trip to Copenhagen? I did so a couple of days ago.
I’ll say hello to Ales and I’ll tell him what you recommended.

Best regards to both of you dear people from both of us

        N                                  n               WT.