Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 18.08.1965

Tymieniecka                         v                        7/18/1965

West Hartford

Dearest Professor,

  v       I haven’t heard anything from you for so long. And it will be precisely a year since we spent such nice time with you in Krakow!

We are here in the countryside, on a farm in a forest, far from the village, by a river. Pure bliss. We take hikes and horseback trips all the time. The children are in great shape. They are just breaking in a new horse the two of us are having a hard time with. And I am painting a little and mainly preparing my own cosmological essay for printing – because I finally have a contract in the Netherlands. I am just finishing the part you would call “material ontology.” And besides I had to have a brief discussion with Bergson and Whitehead.
  v       I cannot wait to see it come out! It is a short 175 pages, but extremely condensed.
  v       And how is you work coming along? I would be very grateful if you could give me your Sketches in aesthetics, because I lost them when moving from Freiburg and I would like to read them again (and your other aesthetic works). Mrs. XXX did a good review of the Controversy under Forbes. After all, her translation – although very “correct” – is not beneficial for the work. Too boring. But it should not bring harm to the ontology.

  v       This year, I must finally finish the 2nd volume on creativity – it is going terribly, as I have put together my ideas so long ago and it only need to be supplemented with “erudition” – and this is endless – there is always something new that should be taken into account!! (The first volume is already in print).

  v       I will be finidhing now, I am sending my most sincere words of respect to the both of you. Maybe I can see you next summer. This year I was in Switzerland in May for just 2 weeks (I gave a lecture on Leibniz and modern science).

  v       Once again, best regards


! 348 Payson Rd.
Belmont, Mass. / USA