Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 27.01.1939

27. I 1939

Honoured and Dear Professor:

I heard that you were in Z[akopane] for the holidays. I regret that I have not seen you because I need your spiritual presence.  I was in a state of severe depression. Please write to me whether you think that my rep[ly] to Kotarbiński’s critique was malicious, as well as comments at the end of the art[icle] on hopelessness. At the last moment, he reproached me over the phone. V[ery] sad, because he had not said anything about it for 2 years. Voilà une sorte de cachot[t]ier. [This is kind of secretive]

I am terribly mentally exhausted by my stay in W[arsaw] and recently I even smoked = horrible smut. Do not do it. I will stop, starting tomorrow until the war. May I ask you to send back to me in  Zakopane this article about VCWK [Vicious Circle of the Wiener Kreis].  I want to start writing again and I need it. If possible, may I ask also for the essay on idealism. What are you currently doing? How is the ontology advancing? I would need this badly – couldn’t some sort of a manuscript be read?

I enclose words of respect and affection and gratitude to you and yours and greetings to your “progeny”.

                                                                                                               S.I. Witkiewicz