Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 22.02.1925

In Toruń, 22/2/1925.
Review of Ehrlich[O1]



                       Most Honourable Professor!

            Along with this letter, I’m sending the lecture programme required by the regulation of the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education. Because I’m not really aware of the purpose this kind of programme is supposed to serve, I don’t know whether the manner in which I went about completing the task set me was appropriate. I suppose the idea is for the relevant ministry clerk to get an idea as to whether the applicant is able to assemble a greater theoretical whole. In addition to the title, I’ve included an explanation of the objectives of each lecture, and I’ve also provided a list of chapters. If greater detail is required for this outline, I ask you to graciously inform me, and I’ll try to send another, more exact lecture plan without delay. I’ve also added the topic of the exercises that I intend to conduct, so that the Ministry clerk can get an idea of how I intend to supplement my lectures with reading along with my students.

            I cordially thank you once again for successfully arranging the matter of the offprints of my dissertation summary. Simultaneously with this letter, I’m sending the sum of four zlotys as a refund of the money you spent to cover the cost of the overprints and shipment to Toruń. It’s a pity that you had to take the trouble of sending a bill. At the same time, I politely ask you to graciously inform me whether I should send this bill back to you so it can be kept among the receipts as proof against any claims by the printer. I must admit that I have no regrets over the fact that the printer hasn’t sent the other main bill yet, since recently I’ve struggled with more significant expenses – not fully covered yet –; namely, I bought a small typewriter (a Remington Portable) for 415 zlotys, of which I still have to pay instalments of a hundred zlotys each in March and April. I suppose, however, that before long I’ll receive the rest of my fee for Essentiale Fragen from Niemeyer, so even if the Ossolineum bill comes due at the same time, I won’t be in trouble. Buying the typewriter was, perhaps, unreasonable given the imminent move to Lviv. However, I’ve wasted so much time transcribing every word I’ve sent to be printed, and moreover have strained my eyes and those of my readers so badly, that I didn’t want to put off the purchase any longer, especially since the money I had would’ve been dispersed on trifles anyway.

            I think that on Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll manage to send the report on Mysłakowski to [Philosophical] Movement. This dispatch has been delayed a little, because, not trusting my memory, I had to look through some of Bergson’s things and my old dissertation. Meanwhile, I confirmed once again that this dissertation had been a waste of time due to the fact that the last part of it was neither completed nor published as a result of to my inability to communicate with Bergson. Now I’ll probably never return to this, because there are more important things that need to be done.

            Please keep the remaining offprints (of the summary) at your own disposal. I cordially thank you for offering a copy to Ms Gromska; I thought about doing so myself, then somehow forgot. I’d be very grateful if you’d be so gracious, when you find an opportunity, as to give one copy to Mr Zawirski[O2] , who was once my teacher in the no. 3 middle school.

                       I enclose expressions of the most profound esteem

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden


At one point I sent my application for habilitation and curriculum vitae to Lviv. If they’ve been accidentally lost ‒ especially the curriculum vitae – I ask you politely to graciously let me know, and I’ll send them without delay!



[O1]Niejasne.  Oryg: Recenzya Ehrlicha.  Może być Review of Ehrlich lub Ehrlich’s review.  Ehrlich to najprawdopodobnie Ludwik Ehrlich (1889‒1968), który był wówczas docentem w Uniwersytet im. Jana Kazimierza w Lwowie, ale recenzja omowiona w tym liście jest o pracy Mysłakowskiego i nie wiadomo co miał Ehrlich do czynienia z tym – dopiero w kolejnych listach jest mowa o Ehrlicha
[O2]Zygmunt Zawirski (1882‒1948)