Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 20.08.1963

Cracow, 20/8/1963

            Dear Władysław,

                       Thank you very much for your letter and the kind words about my book.

            As you know, I’m not going to Mexico. I wouldn’t even be able to benefit from the favourable travel conditions for members of the International Institute or Federation, since, thanks to my Polish colleagues, I’m not a member of any of these institutions. I was told so very clearly last year in Oxford, even though I hadn’t asked anyone about it.

            Instead, I’m going to Switzerland, where on 2 September I’m supposed to have a lecture at the Colloquium organised by the Academie Internationale de Philosophie de Sciences from Brussels, on the topic ‘Phenomenology and the natural sciences’. At the moment I don’t yet have a passport, but maybe it will work out favourably.

            Just now I received a telephone call [O1] from the Polish Academy of Sciences to the effect that they’re waiting for certification from the national Bank in regard to sending money. Yesterday I received a telegram from Brussels about sending out money.

            I’m also going to England, but only at the beginning of November. In this regard, I’d be grateful to you for information as to whether Osborne reads Polish and whether it’s worth sending him, e.g. my latest book.

            Perhaps I’ll have to go to Warsaw for this certification; then we’ll see each other.

                                               Cordial greetings and until we meet again,

                                                                                                        Your Roman



[O1]Oryg: W tej chwilinteledonowano do mnie z PAN