Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 04.07.1952

The Editorial Committee of the LCP                                                    Krakow, 7/4/1952
department: German philosophy
L 34/52


  v  v    The Editorial Committee of the LCP
  v  v    at Polish Scientific Publishers PWN
  v  v     In Warsaw, Nowy Świat St. 35 apt. 4a


I would like to report that on 7/2/1952 I have received:
1. the translation of Leibniz’s Nouveaux Essais, pp. 421-550 of the typescript, by I. Dąmbska, PhD.
2. the translation of Descartes’s, Objectiones et responsies, Third Objections, pp. 84-108 of the typescript, by prof. Świeżawski.
I confirm the receipt of the typescript of my work ” On difficulties in translating the classics of philosophy”. I will send a summary of this work to be attached to the minutes of the Editorial Committee meeting in the form of an annex, but it will probably already be after the holidays, since at this time I am very tired and need to rest.
Thank you for ordering the payment of the royalties due to Gałecki, PhD for the provided part of the translation of Herder.
I have not decided yet where to go, so I will send information on the holiday address later.


/prof. R. Ingarden/