Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 13.12.1960


Dear Professor,
v      Your letter made me really happy – since your last letter I have sent you 2 letters and 2 postcards!! Apparently they have not reached you.
v      In the meantime, I fell from my horse onto my head and got hurt; I recovered; I saw a lot of people at the philosophical congress in Stanford; we “reconciled” with Tarski; we moved east; I am finishing up my Leibniz for print and studying natural sciences eagerly for my “treatise”.
v      Henk is in Harvard; Syracuse did not take me (which does not worry me too much because the commute was extremely complicated.)
v      So all my efforts are currently focused on the quick release of Leibniz, so that I can show that maybe I know something after all. My book on phenomenology and science Professor kindly asks about will definitely come out in September 1960 under the New York publishing house Farrar, Straus and Cudahy – the same one I had originally written it for. It is quite funny.
v      The children are growing. Our little son Jaś is adorable. A Blonde with blue eyes, like his siblings. Everyone loves him very much. We have a perfect nanny since March, we brought her here from California and so our home problems have been solved. The matter of publication of your works in English is very close to my heart, but I can only take care of it when I get a permanent professorship. Until then I must concentrate all my efforts on this objective. I have an almost certain publisher for it, but what of it when I don’t have the time. And neither Aschenbrenner nor anyone else I know have the initiative. But maybe in a year or two it will “settle down” and then I will deal with it. The snow and frost here reminds me of Poland in winter. Yesterday I had a lecture about phenomenology and science at Radcliff (it is the female half) Harvard and even those girls were quite interested, but mainly in Sartre and literary fiction in the context of existentialism XXX.
v      Anything serious is not suitable to the attitudes here, because they want to know everything right away.
v      They are such great students, after all.
v      I am sending you both my best wishes for Christmas. We still recall our last Christmas spent together with fondness and a dose of sadness that you are now so far away

    v      Once again, warm regards from the entire family


PS. The children are attending a ballet school and the outcomes are extremely funny. They dance like little bears. Aside from that they are passionate about playing cowboys and pony riding.