Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 23.10.1965

Warsaw 23 Oct. 1965


Dear Roman,
n               In two weeks, on 9 November, I’m going to have a lecture at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow, as part of a series of lectures on Dante. I hope that you’ll be in Cracow then and that we’ll see each other. I’m also notifying you about this with regard to the Polish Philosophical Society: if you needed a lecture there, I could give e.g. ‘Shakespeare and Bacon on art’; but better not; one lecture is enough for one stay; perhaps there’ll be another opportunity during the winter. This time I want to be in Cracow from the evening of 8/11 to the morning of 12/11.

  n                                   A handshake

  n                                                    WT