Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 22.08.1966

Warsaw 22.8.66


Dear Roman.

            On returning to Warsaw, I searched all my shelves and boxes and – I can’t find a trace of that article on Aristotle. Other assorted old papers are there, but not this one. It’s indeed old, from 1961. It’s not possible that I didn’t send it to you at the time, especially given that I refer to you in it. It’s not even a reprint, but a little pamphlet in the series Studi di estetica [Studies of Aesthetics] no. 21. If I’m in Turin in October, I’ll certainly find a copy at Guna?? and send it to you. In the meantime, I’m sending two French articles.

            I’m satisfied with my month-long stay in Nieborów: the weather was fine. The company was pleasant, there was a park, games of bridge, and I also worked a bit (in the park, under a plane tree).

            Now I have a whole month in Warsaw, then around 1 Oct. I’m leaving for Italy and Belgium.

            Once again: I’d be very grateful to hear from you while you’re in Warsaw before Copenhagen.

            A lovely bouquet for the lady, and a handshake for you,




            How nicely and accurately Szewczyk wrote about you in Stud. Phil., no. 45, p. 187: ‘Roman Ingarden, one of the greatest Polish philosophers of all times’.