Letter from Stefan Morawski written N/D

   n       Dear Professor,
   n                I shall answer ex promptu. You honored me with this proposition. Unfortunately, I have to refuse for two malicious reasons. I think that you overestimate my command of English. It is different to speak and translate from English and different to English. Secondly, even if I felt confident enough to translate, I would not be able to do it in the coming months. In June and July, I will be working on Mehring (I have a contract with ‘Book and Knowledge’ – I am writing an aesthetic introduction on his ‘Lessing Legende’). In August and September, I have two trips – one abroad and one for vacation. However, I would be very happy to review the translated text in order to – if I can – catch all possible mistakes. I think that would be fine, considering my knowledge of the language, aesthetics and your views.
   n       I looking forward to our meeting.
   n       Speaking of “Aesthetics”, do you have an account? If so, please provide me with the information needed for the transfer of royalties.

Yours sincerely
   n       Stefan Morawski

P.S. I advise you to only work with a translator from P.A.S. I was generally disappointed with others.