Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 05.07.1966



Warsaw 5.7.66

                Dear Roman. Thank you very much for the letter, wishes, and book. As the book covers the topics nearest and dearest to me, I don’t want to take it up in the midst of certain pre-trip chaos. I’ll take it with me to Nieborów, where we’ll be headed in a week; I’ll find suitable conditions for reading there.

                I hope that your leg is doing better in Rabka. It’s indeed striking that doctors, operating with so many analyses and devices, are so often incapable of making a diagnosis. The difference between rheumatism and arthritis has been explained to me more than once, but it’s difficult for me to grasp. But both maladies are very different from the problems with my legs, which come in fits and are caused by bad circulation.

                I regretted that you weren’t at the Library of Classics of Philosophy meeting, because on any occasion one feels better when among congenial people. You probably know about the proceedings of the publishing part of the session. In view of the surprisingly small number of copies sold ‒ with the single major exception of your Kant ‒ the idea of changing the dust jacket to look more attractive seemed appropriate to me; all the publishing houses are doing this now.

                I’m supposed to be in Nieborów from 15.VII to 15.VII . I was planning to go to Copenhagen in September, but now I’m wavering: paying for travel may be even worse than maintaining myself in Denmark, since neither IIP [Institut International de Philosophie, or International Institute of Philosophy] nor the Polish Academy of Sciences are giving me even a centime. I’m supposed to get 200 crowns for the lecture in Aarhus , but the cheapest room costs about 40 crowns.

I have some foreign currency left over from my last trip, but I’d rather spend it on a different trip: namely, I’ve been invited to lecture in Italy and Switzerland in October and to a small congress on the topic of those sources for the history of aesthetics in the Netherlands. If we don’t meet in Denmark, maybe our paths will cross at that point.

                Wishing you quick improvement and a pleasant stay in Rabka. I attach the best
regards to both of you dear people.