Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 02.03.1963

Cracow, 2 March 1963

Dear Władysław,

                       thank you very much for the name-day wishes you sent me, and especially for your authorial participation in the Book offered me the day before yesterday, thanks to which it takes on much greater weight within its genre.

            I’d have been very happy, of course, to be able to welcome you along with other friends, but I understand very well that these days it’s difficult to decide on a trip to Cracow or vice versa. I also decided lately not to travel to Warsaw and have already sent a letter and a telegram to Prof. Kotarbińska[O1]  saying that I won’t able to deliver the lecture. The transport conditions between Cracow and Warsaw are virtually prohibitive. It’s necessary either to leave Cracow at five in the morning, or to arrive in Warsaw at five in the morning, at which time it’s impossible even to have a coffee at the station. The afternoon train from Cracow forces one to spend the night in Warsaw, i.e. another half day of wasted time. As long as this prohibitive schedule from Cracow to Warsaw is in force, Cracow residents ought to refuse to make any trips at all to Warsaw. In any case, that’s not the reason I decided not to make the trip. The last trip to Warsaw and Lublin had a negative effect on my heart condition, in connection with which the doctor again diagnosed high blood pressure and prohibited all exertion for the next several weeks. I still feel like working a bit while I’m alive, and so, advice or no advice, or being in the flush of my youth, as you write, I’m listening to the doctor. When it warms up, and they restore trains suitable for human use to Cracow and vice versa, I’ll think about a trip to Warsaw.

            Unfortunately, in this situation I myself have to ask you to make a trip to Cracow. Prof. Dudkiewicz called me to say you’re supposed to have a lecture at the Art History Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences between 10 and 14 March. Therefore the Dean and I chose the date 14 March at 11 am for Fr Tischner’s doctoral examination; that afternoon you’re supposed to have the lecture. I told the Dean’s office to reserve a hotel room for you from the 13th to the 14th; later, Dudkiewicz told me that you want Hotel Polski. I’ll call the Dean’s office when I receive [O2] confirmation of this date from you. Do you want a room for two nights so as to be able to stay here after the lecture, or do you want a sleeping car for the night of the 14th/15th?

            Please let me know.

            For now, I’m glad that we’ll see each other soon; thanks again for everything and I send cordial greetings

                                                                                                          Your Roman


Prof. R. Ingarden



[O1]Kotarbińskiej w oryg., może Kotarbińskiego, w takim razie po angielsku Kotarbiński, ale możliwe, że nazwa jest poprawna
[O2]oryg: dostane chyba dostanę