Postcard from Bogdan Suchodolski written in 01.07.1948

Date of creation 1.07.1948
Related places Zakopane
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   Dear Roman,

I was supposed to go to Moscow and for that reason had to refuse a trip to Cracow; in the meantime – three days prior to the departure date – the entire congress was postponed until autumn! All the preparations and all that rush – unnecessary. I’m writing this card mainly to ask what your vacation plans are. I’ll have to be in Zakopane for a pedagogical course in August (probably 10–25/8) and, because I know that you like Zakopane, I thought that perhaps it’ll work out so nicely that you’ll be there at this time. If so – write to Warsaw; I’m not leaving for the seaside until about 15/7.

Cordial greetings and a handshake for your wife


Professor Roman Ingarden
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Biskupia 14 apt. 15