Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 02.02.1966

Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
348 Payson Road
Belmont, Mass. 02178


Dear Professor,
Thank you very much for the nice letter. I will answer briefly because I am lying in bed with a disgusting flu, as there is an epidemic now. Nothing serious, but one becomes “good for nothing”. My book has not come out yet, I will send it to you as soon as they send it to me. I am working in the morning, as I will be having have 3 lectures, 2 at the invitation of the Boston and Hanover Congresses (International Leibniz Congress) in November. And on the phenomenon of creativity. And I have just finished a brand new essay: “Existence and becoming”. A completely new idea. I am very interested in what you would have to say about it (cosmology!)
 c        Thank you so much for thinking about me in connection with Guggenheim. Indeed, the Guggenheim scholarships are very valuable and I would really like to obtain one. If Professor would like to recommend me, I will be honestly grateful (although I do not know well what it really would entail in this case and whether it is for a year abroad or here in Boston, both versions seem equally interesting. Although one abroad would be nice, as it would be beneficial to discuss some issues with European philosophers. And with Master Ingarden himself – if he is ever so kind as to bestow me with such an opportunity!!!!!! – I am finishing because my head is bursting with pain. Many warm greetings to you both, my beloved Sir and Madam. I will send the pictures for sure! Henk in XXX.