Letter from Irena Krońska written in 16.07.1954

 c EDITORIAL COMMITTEE           c     c     c   c     c     c                 c               Warsaw, 7/16/1954
of the Library of Classics of Philosophy
 c     c     c      Warsaw
 cKrakowskie Przedmieście St. 79

 c    prof. Roman Ingarden

L.dz.301/LCP/54   c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c      Białka n/Nowy Targ
 c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c     c        Głodkiewicz Family House


 c     c     c              Dear and Honorable Professor,

 c     c     c              yesterday I received your letter from 7/13/1954. There are a lot of issues raised in it, so I will answer in points:

Ad 1 and 2 After calculating the volume Critique has turned out to be 42 author’s sheets long /and not 39, as the contract stated/, so 90% of the royalties amounts to more than the sum of the advances paid so far, and you will receive the compensation /PLN 4 350/ within the next few days. As for the footnotes, it is difficult to calculate them by volume /the smaller the footnote, the more difficult it usually is to prepare/. I think that this matter should be arranged in such a way that the work on the footnotes and revision of the translation are treated as editorial work – at the rate of PLN 150 per 1 author’s sheet of the Kantian text. This way, the entire additional remuneration would come up to about PLN 6 000; I think that by the end of July you should receive Professor the contract, and the 25% advance should arrive in August /approx. PLN 1 500/, and in September, when we receive the rest of the work – you will receive the remaining PLN 4 500. The introduction will be handled separately, maybe after the summer holidays.

 c     c     c              Ms. Gierulanka’s invoice will be covered immediately and you will receive the PLN 220 together with the next payment, so within about 10 days.

Ad 4 As we have an agreement, we will prepare a translation contract for Gałecki for Kritik der Urteilskraft. Gałecki wrote again regarding certification and stamp matters, it is very complicated, quite difficult to understand really. I cannot give him a certificate that states no children will live in the room besides him. That would make our other colleagues entitled to request certificates from us to present to their wives. What a complete drag he is! – As for prof. Adler, he knows German very well, but I have not talked to him and I do not know if he will take the job.

Ad 3 Mianowska, PhD is currently on vacation, and I do not know if she is coming back before I leave. Maybe I will leave her a message that she should leave both things for me – I will read them in September – would that be fine? There were no substantive reasons. The plan to publish such a volume basically goes beyond the editorial profile of Polish philology, and I think that the concept itself was not yet mature.

XXX XXX all.

Wishing you beautiful weather and good rest
my deepest respect
and cordial greetings