Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 16.05.1936

Date of creation 16.05.1936
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16.V.1936 (Rapallo)

Dear Friend!

            Greetings! We have gotten a lot of rest here – which was much needed. I have never been so exhausted. However, I had to give up six weeks of work – in the middle of the development of my essay of which half has already been sent to the editorial staff of Philosophia. We are now going to drive home, but I think that everything will work out. I am very sorry that my hope of seeing you again has not been fulfilled.83 If only you could come at another time; there is not much time left. How are you and your family doing? It is very difficult for me to write. You are still young, please write soon.

Best regards,

E. Husserl