Letter from Irena Krońska written in 04.03.1967

National Scientific Publishers PWN
            Library of the Classics of Philosophy

PWN Warsaw Miodowa 10 tel. 26-22-91

Warsaw, 3/4/1967

Prof. Roman Igarden
Biskupia St.14


Honorable Professor,

   In regard to the reissue of On Literary Works, please kindly let me know whether the corrections and additions you intend to make will make up for less than 20% of its volume, as introducing more changes would greatly increase the costs of the reissue and lower the final financial results.
                       I am looking forward to your kind reply,
                       My deepest respect
                                  and respectful regards

Irena Krońska
I Krońska

P.S. We will send the proof of the paper on Husserl to the dictionary in the next few days. IK