Letter from Malvine Husserl written 2.12.1929

Freiburg i.Br., December 2, 29

    n         Dear Mr. Ingarden,

n   I was just about to write to you; your letter to my husband was already sitting on my desk next to my stationary when I received your request. Well, my dear Mr. Ingarden, how can you come up with the outrageously strange idea that someone was holding something against you or something like that? I think the friendship between us is so old and solid that there is absolutely no room for “doubt.” So, for the future: Do not worry about misunderstandings or misinterpretations! The fact that you have not received a reply since May must have been the postal service’s fault. Although we cannot remember the exact date, one thing is certain: that one of us wrote to you.
n   Well, the main thing now is for you to learn how little you have to worry about my husband’s health. Thank goodness, he has been in excellent shape since you saw him in April. He works like a young man. He even thoroughly edited Heidegger’s book while we vacationed at Lake Como after he had so much trouble with getting the Form[al] Logic ready for print. Since September, he has been working on the German expansion of the Cartes[ian] Medit[ations] in which he included the Amsterdam lectures, but he had to take a break since Landgrebe submitted the essay on the Logical Studies (approximately 15 pages) on which my husband is now working.44 Since he wants to incorporate these investigations in a larger systematic context and also wants to enhance them otherwise, it is a difficult and at the moment not quite foreseeable process. Anyway, the Yearbook will not be printed before March. Some works have been sitting here for this volume for more than a year, but the “Logical Studies” are to be included as well. Now, it would be possible, if they were too extensive (which may be the case), that Niemeyer decides to publish them as a separate book. In that case, there will easily be room for the first part of your work.45 However, this will not be decided before February, because my husband and I will be departing on the 15th for three weeks to Kiel and Berlin to visit our children and to completely relax. By the way, it is also being considered to publish an informal series of works individually in lieu of the large and expensive Yearbook volumes. That would work in your favor, too. Nevertheless, you must be patient for a while. My husband wants to have his “Log[ical] St[udies]” under control before he makes a definite proposal to N[iemeyer].
n   We were very pleased about your burden at school being eased. You see, “God will never fail nor abandon his own.” One must simply remain strong. And that is what you do.
n   Please send my regards to your dear wife, and next time, write something about your family.

Your friend,
Malvine Husserl