Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written N/D (b)

                                                                                                    kp[O1]  1529


            Dear Władysław,

                                  I’d be grateful if you could tell me whether you ultimately managed to send Wallis your paper for Amsterdam. Last week, my lecture at the British Society of Aesthetics, which you heard, and which Osborne took immediately after the lecture for the Journal of Aesthetics, was returned, but unfortunately he subsequently sent it in an improved translation of his own. However, he didn’t understand a number of Polish expressions, so I had to suggest several changes, and sent it to London on 10 February. At some point after the 18th, it was returned to me with a notation that the Customs Office in Warsaw had to give permission for ‘export of a typed manuscript’. I wrote them immediately, demanding that they cite the law or regulation on the basis of which they were doing this. I also wrote to Jabłoński asking for the same thing, and at the same time for an explanation of what I needed to do for the article to reach the addressee. I’m waiting for a reply. Meanwhile, the same was done with Gołaszewska’s paper for the Congress in Amsterdam. I haven’t sent mine yet, but I want to do so shortly. On 19 February, I sent 280 pages of the second set of proofs of Spór [Controversy over the Existence of the World] to Niemeyer; I’m curious as to whether they’ll return that to me as well. Meanwhile, I’m preparing Volume II of Spór in German for printing, perhaps in vain, but too bad.

            I don’t know whether I’ll be at the General Assembly of the Polish Philosophical Society in Warsaw on the 14th – since, at the same time, there’s a session of the history of Polish mathematics at the Wrocław Scientific Society, where, inter alia, I have my lecture about Witelo (Vitello)[O2] . But I haven’t decided yet.

            My dispute with Polish Scientific Publishers regarding M. Turowicz’s[O3]  fee for translating the paper on Bergson ended in my receiving profuse apologies; however, the money I sent them was not returned, and I was promised only compensation of some kind in the future for future fees.

            You’ve probably received Philosophical Sketches[O4] . It was very nicely issued. Given this opportunity, I want to cordially thank you once again for your active participation in producing this book, which is so precious to me.

            Are you going to attend the Aesthetics Seminar at the Polish Academy of Sciences? At one point I was invited to participate, but that’s as far as it went; they haven’t sent me any notifications about meetings. I only know from [O5] one of my students, who recently submitted her masters’ thesis, that such meetings are held once every two weeks.

            Cordial greetings, and please send a few lines in reply to the questions I’ve raised.

                                                                                    /signature/ Your Roman



[O1]Rkp [?]
[O2]znany na Zachodzie przez obie nazwy
[O3]Oryg: Turowicz chyba Turowicza
[O4]wyd. w 1964 r, więc może ten list pochodzi z 1964 r., najprawdopodobnie w początku marca. Co więcej, V International Congress of Aesthetics odbywał się w Amsterdamie w 1964 r.
[O5]Oryg: do chyba od