Letter from Irena Krońska written in 22.11.1966

   v           NATIONAL                       v                          Warsaw, 9/22/1966
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L. dz.

   v        v     Dear and Honorable Professor,

   v        v     I have not heard from Professor in a long time – I even thought you were abroad.
   v        v     I have a lot of work and a lot of trouble. Myzia was sick for a month – tonsillitis, and then oxytocin poisoning – which complicated the situation even further.
   v        v     I hear from Ms. Gierulanka that Professor left another photograph of Husserl for us, probably in September – but nothing arrived here. Was Professor’s Brother-in-law supposed to send it to us? Call us so we can send it? Nothing like that ever happened – and I do not know Col. Pol’s telephone number or address. Maybe Professor could send it – I will ask, if I receive the picture in the next few days, if it could not be swapped (although it is quite late).

 Looking forward to your reply
my deepest respect
and most cordial greetings
   v        v     I Krońska

P.S. My telephone number -175158.