Letter from Irena Krońska written in 13.06.1966

    c            EDITORIAL COMMITTEE                                        c     Warszawa, dnia 13.6.66
OF THE LIBRARY OF CLASSICS OF PHILOSOPHY                  c       Miodowa St. 10
  c       c       c        at the
  c    National Scientific Publishers PWN


  c       c     Dearest Professor,
  c       c     thank you very much for the book you have sent.
  c       c     In a few days I will repay you with something of my own, though of course
  c       c       c     incomparable – but well, to the best of my competence and abilities.

  c       c       c       c     I hope that we will see each other
  c       c       c       c     on the 27th.
  c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c      Best regards
  c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c       c          I Krońska