Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 08.12.1965

Toruń, 8 December 1965.

            Dear Roman! The card I received from you today made me aware of my negligence in my correspondence with you, for which I’m very sorry; I’ve had a very busy past few weeks ‒ a few trips, and above all, printing problems, first a delay at the start of folding ‒ the issue had been sitting in the printing house since May! ‒ and now, at the end of the year, major corrections. I’ll start with two of your letters, those of 8 and 16 November. Your article (thank you very much!) arrived on time and I inserted it in the next issue in line, which has already been assembled and will go to the printer as soon as we settle the question of whether we’ll stay with the same printer as we’ve used until now, or whether it’ll have to be moved to Włocawek; it’ll happen in the near future. Of course, you’ll get the proofs. Over the last few weeks, due to these various activities, I’ve unfortunately had to leave off reading Szewczyk’s dissertation, but I haven’t forgotten it and will return to it before long.

            The matter of leaving Witwicki’s signature off the medal was smoothed over in the following way: Polish Scientific Publishers sent out a message to the periodicals straightening out the omission. Tadeusz told me that he would be satisfied with that.

            I had a lecture in Poznan on 3 December; your lecture evidently needs to be rescheduled from the 11th of this month, because the meeting of the Board of the Polish Philosophical Society is to take place on that day in Warsaw, and it would be good if you and Czesław (who intended to attend the next meeting after a long absence) were to take part in it. The ‘meeting’ with Konrad Górski had a dual character, being related both to his retirement and his 70th birthday; it all took place in a quite family-like atmosphere.

            I can still manage to attach the correction concerning the information about Heidegger and Scheler that you mention in your card; I’ll be happy to do it, so please send it.

                                             A cordial handshake for you and a kiss for your wife’s hand

                                                                                                                   Your Tad