Letter to the National Scientific Publishers written 31.01.1963

Prof. Roman Ingarden                            c                                   c           in Krakow, 1/31/1963
Krakow, Biskupia 14.


To the Board of Directors of the National Scientific Publishers PWN
Honorable Director
Tadeusz Zabłudowski, PhD


Honorable Director,

          c         thank you very much for your letter from xx January of this year Ref. W0 / 63. In response, I am sending a list of reviews and articles that mention the “Controversy”. I believe that the Library of the University of Warsaw at Krakowskie Przedmieście St. 3 owns the aforementioned works and magazines and could provide access to them to PWN. I myself am in possession of some copies of the articles and some reviews, but only having single copies I would be reluctant to release them from my hands. At the moment I do not have the time to make copies of those. Some of the articles are very extensive, not to mention, for example, Tymieniecka’s book, half of which is devoted to the basic concepts of the “Controversy”. The number of these articles –compared to e.g. articles about Das literarische Kunstwerk is relatively modest, because they could only be written by either Polish authors or people who can read in Polish. Some, like Guido Kung, studied Polish in order to be able to read the Controversy /he is a Swiss researcher currently lecturing in the USA/.
  c         Tomorrow I am going to Zakopane for a few weeks to work in peace on the German edition of the Controversy. Maybe I will be able to write a few pages of information about its content there. I had a summary that I made when the Controversy was submitted to the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. About 10 days ago I came across this typescript and discarded it as unnecessary.
  c         As for my suggestions on an English publisher I would like a publisher that is well-versed in philosophical publications. Two weeks ago I received a letter from Routlegde & Kegan Paul from London asking me about a translation of Das literarische Kunstwerk into English, I sent the letter to Niemeyer. I think that they would be good, but since they intend to translate or publish Das literarische Kunstwerk, I do not think they would be interested in Controversy at the same time, but Oxford University Press or Chicago University Press, for example, could be. You could also ask Professor Paul Schilpp in Evanston, Illinois, USA Northwestern University, maybe he could get interested in the matter and suggest a publisher.
  c         I have the following request: in September of this year an international congress of philosophy will be taking place in Mexico City, Mexico, followed by a congress in Venice. I got an invitation, but I am not going to go, because the Mexico City is located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level, which, means my hypertension excludes the possibility of my visit there. But they will also hold an exhibition of philosophical books. I would like to at least be participate that way. I would like to kindly ask the PWN Publishers to send over to them the complete collection of my Philosophical Works /5 volumes to date, volume 6 will come out in about two months/. If Niemeyer were to additionally send the two volumes published under them, I would have a decent representation there. I would be very grateful if Director could issue appropriate decisions regarding this matter. I still only have a free copy of On Literary Works and volume II of the Controversy, I believe, I could send them to PWN if needed, but I do not have the first volume of the Controversy, the Studies in Aesthetics, so I would not be able to provide any help with regards to those.
  c         Finally, thank you for sending me the contract for Thomas. I keep in touch with Ms. Michejda and she will write to the Editorial Office to inform them that the volume will be ready on time.

My deepest respect

/Roman Ingarden, Senior/