Postcard from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 09.07.1939

Date of creation 9.07.1939
Related places Lviv, Zakopane
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9.VII 1939
Honoured and Dear Professor: Thank you very much for the card that was stamped so that I could barely read it. I wrote a report about it to the stamp department and attached the incriminated card. The contents of your card are not clear to me. You were to start reading my work (I do not reproach you) 15 / VI. Because you did not have time to write a letter, so á plus: forte raison [Fr. all the more] read my work. This is just a “logical analysis” and not a grudge. Of course, you know how curious I am about your opinion, regardless of any realization. What does it mean that you have it in its entirety, I do not understand. I.e. that it is not destroyed, or that nothing is lost from it.
I enclose words of respect, affection and gratitude.
I am going to Z[akopane] today. I`m glad I`ll see you [there].



Dr. Roman Ingarden
Prof. Univ. J.K.
Pawlikowski Street,19