Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 26.11.1934

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In Lviv, 26/11/1934



Most Honourable Professor!

                       Taking advantage of the courtesy of Dr Dąmbska[O1] , I’m enclosing: 1. a list of members to whom I’m currently sending a subscription to the Phil. Review, along with the sum of 27 zlotys; 2. a letter to the directors of the Gal. [Galician] Savings Bank concerning the vinculation of our second deposit book, in which there is currently a balance of 1,800 zlotys, along with specimen signatures. Accordingly, please graciously sign the letter to the directors of G.K.O. [Galician Savings Bank] and submit two copies of your signature, with the objective of giving one to G.K.O. and keeping the copy at the treasurer’s; 3. a payment order for Mr Mehlberg [O2] for travel expenses with a polite request to graciously sign this order, so that I can send him the money.

            I’m taking this opportunity to inform you that the matter of the transfer of our money from P.K.O. [Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności; Universal Savings Bank] to G.K.O. is proceeding properly; today, 800 zlotys, which I transferred by means of a P.K.O. check, were entered* for me into our book. Given that there is currently a sum of over 1,000 zlotys in our P.K.O. account (to be exact: 1,101.36 zlotys), I intend to transfer a sum of 1,000 zlotys to our book, G.K.O. no. 1930. I’ll do this tomorrow and will ring to ask for the serial number of the letter to P.K.O.

I enclose expressions of profound esteem

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden


*dated 20/11 of this year



[O1]Izydora Dąmbska (1904‒83)
[O2]Henryk Mehlberg (1904‒79)