Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 02.06.1950

Date of creation 2.06.1950
Related places Freiburg, Zakopane
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Field philosophy


Freiburg 6/2/50

Dearest Professor,
 v  You must be angry with me either for my delay in answering the last letter or for something inappropriate in the answer itself. If so, I am very, very sorry and my only excuse is my incurable “foolishness” and lack of orientation as to what should and what should not be done.
I would love to know what you are up to. What you are working on and how you are doing in general.
I am working on editing Horton little by little. I cannot get through it, all the more because I am not in a particularly good health condition. I am supposedly thoroughly cured of all ailments and yet I don’t have enough strength yet.
 v  You will probably be going to Zakopane soon. Will you never come here, Professor? No matter where, just come as soon as possible. I am finishing for now so I don’t bore you. Please don’t be mad at me for anything and send me the promised picture. Meanwhile, I am sending mine, so that Professor is reminded of my form, matter and existence.

    v         always the same Teresa
71, XXX c / o XXX Streleman
    v                Freiburg