Postcard from Kazimierz Twardowski written 14.02.1917

Date of creation 14.02.1917
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Lviv, 14/2/1917.

            Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 14 January of this year and the very favourable news contained therein regarding the state of your work and its acceptance for Husserl’s Jahrbuch [German: Yearbook]. Whereas the editorial staff of this publication rightly stipulate that your paper should not appear simultaneously in Polish in an unchanged form, there can be no objection to such an appearance at some point following its publication in German. It’s just that it won’t be easy to publish it in Polish at all under these conditions. I doubt that Philosophical Review would want to print a non-original item or a translation, even if made by the author himself. But apart from that, I can hardly see any possibility of publishing this paper in Polish once it has come out in German. Please send me an offprint of the paper when you have one ‒ I’m very curious about its contents. And what about the army?

            Cordial regards

                                                                                         Dr K. Twardowski