Postcard from Edmund Husserl written 08.07.1931

Freiburg i.Br., 8 July 1931

Currently: St. Märgen (until July 31) near Freiburg


Dear Friend,

            I long in vain to write to you in greater detail to tell you how much your collaboration concerning the Medit[ations] pleases or rather delights me! For today, I will keep it short. It is extremely important to me to find out how such a distinct, serious reader and faithful student of mine perceives my writing and what he takes umbrage with, although I have considered everything, including all objections, countless times myself, and have worked through all ambiguities. Now that the distance to my readers has grown too large, it is extremely important for the purpose of the presentation to keep in mind all the difficulties and possible objections. You are the only one who can do this great service to me – to me and to the matter.57 Since I returned from the lecture tour, which unexpectedly aroused great interest and had a strong effect (also through personal discussions), I am in a state of exhaustion and, unfortunately, I have been unable to continue my work. In addition, I had to write a myriad of letters, very important ones, and I am not finished yet. Hearing about the incredible discrepancy between your accomplishments and your position was deeply depressing to me. I am outraged that, while a lot is riding on your philosophical work for your country and your people, you were not relieved of the school lessons.58 Actually, your productive capacity is amazing – you have just stored up a lot of intellectual energy, which takes shape by itself. Just hang in there, we are counting on you as one of the few who were called to a purpose. And your wife, too? That’s twice as hard. But you know that it cannot last; finally, you have been recognized in P[oland]. Thank you very much for your letters, I cannot thank you enough. I long to see you and so does my wife.

Sincerely yours,

E. Husserl



P.S.: The Medit[ations] are rough outlines – I only had four hours. I could only discuss more broadly that what was actually implied. I have just received your second piece of mail and your postcard.59

Best regards to you and your d[ear] wife, M[alvine] Husserl