Postcard from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 06.03.1958

Date of creation 6.03.1958
Related places Toruń
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                                                                                              Toruń, 6 March 1958.

            My dear friend! Polish Scientific Publishers has sent me the second volume of your Studies in Aesthetics. I’m guessing this happened on your instructions and I thank you very much for that. A beautiful book in all respects, and one that can serve as a reason for satisfaction on the part of its Author. I heartily congratulate you on it.

            I thought that we’d see each other on the 3rd of this month at the conference at the Ministry of H. Ed., called off at the last moment, which I regret, because I intended to raise several issues there. I don’t know when it’s going to be rescheduled.

                                                           Cordial greetings to both of you and all my friends in Cracow




The Most Honourable
Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden
ul. Biskupia 14 apt. 15

Tadeusz Czeżowski
Toruń, Warszawska 20