Postcard from Wacław Borowy written 24.08.1922

Date of creation 24.08.1922
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Dear Sir! I have asked the Administration to send you 50000 marks in advance payment. The articles are going into print (they will initiate, I think, Kołaczkowski’s first volume). The issue of increasing the royalties is in progress and on the right track. At the Review, I trust, it will go smoothly. Kołaczkowski started off enthusiastically, and Saski is sure to take care of the technical side, as he is staying on and he used to deal with that in my time. May you keep your benevolence towards this journal and the memory of it. I have not ceased to care for it, even though I am leaving it wanting to learn. I apologize for holding your works for so long; somehow it turned out this way. Now they will undoubtedly not be held back anymore (12 it is nearing completion). As for the poems translated from Rilke, I must say that I did not like them very much. According to your wishes I will send them back to you (not immediately, however, as I have the script in the editorial office).

Words of highest respect and cordial regards


Roman Ingarden, PhD
Mickiewicza St. 115