Postcard from Wacław Borowy written 3.08.1922

Date of creation 3.08.1922
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Dear Sir! I have found your card upon my return from vacation. I apologize for being late in responding. So Bibljoteka Polska [Eng. Polish Library] Publishing is nt willing to publish Scheler’s collected works, and the Warsaw Review agrees to printing of the translation, provided that these 150 marks (or however much it turns out to be) will be deducted from the translator’s royalties (which is calculated for everyone equally – 30 marks per line, now it will probably be increased to 40 marks). I could not negotiate any better – would you be willing to agree to such a combination? – the printing process could be initiated soon.

My greetings and respect

R.Ingarden, PhD
in Torun,
Mickiewicza St. 115