Letter from Anna Teresa Tymieniecka written 27.06.1969

June 27
  v   1969

    v   Dear Professor,
  v       v   Thank you for the letter.
We will arrive in Nowy Targ on July 3rd. Then Henk will join me in Krakow on the 4th or 5th. I am then going back to the children who will be staying with Paweł Czartoryski’s family in Białka and spending 6 weeks there, and Henk is going to Warsaw for lectures and will be returning to the States a few days later. We are coming by car – I am going back by plane.
  v   Of course, I am looking forward to seeing you both. It is probably not a long drive from Białka to Rabka.
  v   See you soon then. (I am overwhelmed by work: corrections of Leibniz, articles for the encyclopedia of philosophy and the last preparations for the printing 2 of my other works etc. etc., packing, goodbyes and … all the children have chickenpox now.)

    v   Cordial regards
from all of us