Letter to Stefan Morawski written 29.10.1969

Professor Roman Ingarden
Krakow, Biskupia 14       n               n         n         n         n               Krakow, October 29, 1969

   n         n 

   n     Dear Professor,
   n         n     unfortunately, by mistake, a letter regarding the General Meeting of the Polish Philosophical Society on November 3 was not sent to you as a member of the Board of its Aesthetics Section (only a general invitation letter to the meeting was sent). I am hence writing to you, Professor, to apologize for this blunder and to ask you to kindly notify me if you agree to hold this Meeting on the given date. xxxx I also kindly ask you to send the reply by post directly to me even if you intend to attend this meeting in person. Otherwise, we would have to postpone the General Meeting for two weeks, i.e. move it to November 17, because we would like to have a formal consent and resolution on holding this Meeting.
   n         n     I have no knowledge if and what meetings of the Aesthetics Section have taken place in Warsaw over the past three years, if so, please also kindly send me a list of the meetings held with dates and titles of the papers delivered. Upon the receipt of such a list we will attach it to the Report on the activities of the Aesthetics Section in previous years.
   n         n     Of course, I would be very pleased if you could attend the meeting in person. I send you my respect and cordial greetings


(Prof. Roman Ingarden)