Letter from Henryk Mehlberg written in 08.05.1947

   v      v   Warsaw, 8/5/47


     v         Dear Honoured Professor!

   v   I arranged the matter of the translation of the filmological article favourably during my last stay in Łódź, and I hope you won’t hold this step – which I decided on in order to gain time, without prior agreement – against me; Ms Łopatyńska, who was enjoying herself in Łódź, agreed either to do the translation herself by the 25th of this month, or, if possible, to persuade Mr Makray, who also works at the University of Łódź and has a sufficient knowledge of Polish, to deliver it within that time. In the former case, the translation will be no worse than what I would’ve undertaken; in the latter it’ll certainly be better. As for the financial conditions, I gave her an indication, per your information, that about 200 zlotys per page would be involved, which she accepted without reservation.
   v   In the matter of the correction of Prof. Suchodolski’s article, I want to point out that I asked Prof. Ajdukiewicz several times for a comparison of the text of the translation to be done by a French expert, preferably by a native Frenchman. Recently, however, he told me (in Łódź) that he hadn’t managed to find anyone willing in Poznań. It’d be highly desirable for the current proofs to be corrected in Cracow. I don’t know when, more or less, I should expect the proofs of my article.

   v   With expressions of genuine esteem and respect
   v      v      v      v      v      v      v   H Mehlberg


P.S. I’m sending a receipt for Dr Mehlberg’s author’s fee in the enclosure.