Letter from Henryk Skolimowski written 30.10.1968

Date of creation 30.10.1968
Related places Oxford
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Field philosophy


Honourable Professor,
Two weeks ago, here in Oxford, I talked to Prof. Freeman from California, one of the editors of The Library of Living Philosophers (Szilpp, editor-in-chief). Well, he consulted me as to ‘whether Ingarden would make a volume in the Library of Living Philosophers’ [quoted words in English in the original]. Of course, I answered that this might be a fascinating volume, taking into account the wealth and extent of your subject matter. I hope they decide to publish this volume.
    n     I have a request for you. Could I ask for a copy, please, of Przezycie, dzieło, wartość [Experience – work of art – value], which I’d like to read and to own, and which I’ve been unable to obtain from any other source. Thank you in advance, and I enclose best greetings

Henryk Skolimowski

P.S. I’m in Oxford for a year (1968/9) as a research fellow