Letter from Irena Krońska written in 12.06.1946

Date of creation 12.06.1946
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Paris, le 12 Juin 1946.

Dear Professor,

    c       it was only a few days ago that I received a letter about Professor and your address, which I hope is correct, the roundabout route through London.
  c       So I am writing immediately and will be awaiting an Professor’s answer.
  c       I am currently (only recently) in Paris where I would like to finish my studies. I expect my husband here in the next few days.
  c       Before, i.e. since libération, me and my husband have been in the English zone on XXX
  c       XXX here with phenomenologists. I will write everything in detail after I receive a reply from Professor, which will confirm that the address I have is correct, so please let me know.
  c       In Paris I am staying with my brother who will soon graduates here at the Sorbonne. My address:

Mmc I. Kronska,
  c chez. M. Casimir Krzemicki,
  c   c 5, rue de Poitiers,
  c   c   c Paris VIIe
  c                  c   c               France.

  c Awaiting news about Professor, your family, and our mutual friends,
  c My deepest respect and friendly regards

Irena Krońska