Letter from Irena Krońska written in 16.11.1947

Paris, 11/16/1947


Dear Professor!
Please forgive me for not answering for so long, but I really could not find a free moment, I was very busy and very tired.
  c         I remembered the matters Professor has asked about. I called Vrin, he told me that he had received your letter and that he had already answered it. Have you received the reply?
  c         I also phoned the filmologists, they admitted that they had not sent out the second issue of their Revue with Professor’s paper; of course, they are not, and they have no reason to be offended, only careless and unreliable. They promised to send it in the near future – did they keep their promise? I also asked them about the royalties, they admitted that they had received Professor’s instructions and advised to wait. Let Professor not worry about it because of me, and I will remind them again in a while. Bayer did not contact me, nor did I reach out to him, because the promised Revue d’esthétique is not here so far, so the matter is pointless for now, and this is surely the reason he is being silent. There are great difficulties when it comes to the supply of paper here and it may be that he did not get an allotment and therefore cannot issue the journal.
  c         I met the editor of Critique recently, for a long time he has been urging me to write a paper on Professor, I promised him one way back, but I did not have the time, now I promised to deliver it by December 1, and maybe this time I can actually do it.
  c         I have been working for a local office of educational instruction for over a month and I am busy until 6 p.m. It seems that I will soon start teaching Latin in the local Polish high school, then I would have more free time, and I could move my work forward. For now, I am limited to very irregular reading and occasional lectures.
  c         The philosophical season is already beginning, the lectures have started, but new issues of both revue phil. have not yet come out. You know about the difficult situation here from Polish press. The inflation is huge and overwhelming.
  c         Until now, the climate was the one mild element, but today we have had frost. Trains are at a standstill, there is a partial strike in mail services and many other fields, including education. The libraries are also closed. Speaking of the latter, the Bible. Nationale has not received the Professor’s works yet, I asked about it a few days ago.
  c         I got your paper from Brussels, thank you very much.
I am awaiting news from Professor and once again sorry for the late reply.

My deepest respect and cordial friendly regards

Irena Krońska

P.S. “Critique” has not received the essays on literary theory yet. Has this item already been sent?
I saw in Professor’s report from the Roman Congress in the Philosophical Review. Here I saw a very extensive one in Revue Moniste.

I am finishing for now and will be waiting for your reply.