Letter from Irena Krońska written in 17.03.1954

  EDITORIAL COMMITTEE                                                               Warsaw, 3/17/1954


Honorable Professor,

I confirm with thanks the receipt of the galley proofs of Spinoza (up to XXX 45) and your letter from the 3/9.
c       We cannot send the XXX translation yet, because we need it for proofreading. We should be able to send in a week or so. –
c       L. Kołakowski has not yet finished his proof, so far, he has done XXX – and I did a little. Professor’s corrections of the in the last part (pp. 20-45) are probably almost all valid, we will introduce them, and I think that the translator will recognize them. As for the first part, these are the things we would like to keep in Kołakowski’s version (e.g. the case of: through – throughout).
c       We must absolutely submit the proofs by March 15. Please, kindly send us the galley proofs you manage to read. XXX to the second proof. On March 5 we might also be able to send the translation of XXX.
c       Today I will be seeing prof. Kotarbiński and we will determine if there will be a meeting on April 2. I think that it is probable.

  c         c         c         c       c           c       Cordial greetings

  c         c         c         c         c         c         c         c     c           I Krońska