Letter from Konstanty Michalski written 09.02.1939

Kraków, 2/9/1939

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for sending me my manuscript and the handwritten remarks, and most of all for the enormous amount of work put into the whole affair.
   n   Meanwhile, I have made a sketch, so that the whole plan takes a specific shape. After communicating with prof. Kutrzeba and Semko I can finally provide reimbursement of travel expenses in the amount of PLN 60. It could not have turned out any different.
   n   However, that is not all. I think that it would be wise to call a meeting of the Committee of the Polish Academy of Learning for Aristotle’s translations and invite Mr. Lisiecki to formally oblige him to make strict corrections after a discussion.
   n   The printing of the translation has already been arranged and the release can be organized soon. Your help was no doubt a huge factor in this case. I understand the irritation expressed in the letter and the comments, but it was not precisely as reported by XXX. However, I am asking for a decision, because without one I cannot invite Lisiecki. I also kindly ask that you express my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Gromska for her cooperation. I think that every cooperation must be visible in the preface.
   n   As soon as I receive a reply from you I will write to Mr. Lisiecki, and try to steer the meeting in such a way that it falls on a Thursday.
   n   A heartfelt handshake for you and polite bows for the Honorable Madam