Letter to Tadeusz Kotarbiński written 17.07.1948

Cracow, 17/7/1948

Most Honourable Rector!

            In thanking you very much for the letter of the 14th of this month, I report that I am, of course, voting for the acceptance of the Torun Philosophical Society as a member of the Polish Torun[O1]  Philosophical Society. Likewise, I am voting to appoint Professor Władysław Tatarkiewicz as the representative of the PPS at the conference of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies. It seems to me, however, that in fact the appointment of Prof. Tatarkiewicz will not go through. First, Prof. Tatarkiewicz is already in Poland (in Cracow). I spoke with him yesterday and learned that M.S.Z. spoke negatively about sending a Polish representative to this conference of the IFPS.

            I wish to take this opportunity to consult you as to how we should proceed in connection with the International Congress in Amsterdam. On 7 July, I transferred the amount of 30 Dutch florins to the Committee, believing, since the Organising Committee had incurred expenses for printing the paper and other organisational matters, that it was not right for me to remain in debt to the Committee for my membership dues. The foreign exchange commission has agreed to transfer this amount. I suppose that the Committee has already received it. The point is, however, whether or not to notify the Committee that (in this case, I) will not go to Amsterdam. As far as I know from the letter of the Ministry to the Academy, there is no intention of sending any Polish delegation to the Congress. I would like to proceed in the same way as other Polish members of the Congress. Thus I ask you for your gracious opinion in this matter.

            I attach wishes for a good rest in Krynica and send expressions of genuine respect and regard

Roman Ingarden



[O1]Czy to może być błąd?